About Me


Hello everyone!

Welcome to Extremely Retro! I am so excited you stopped by, my name is Shelby Anderson and I am the artist behind the designs you see on this site! I am a full time History teacher and I love my job! I also love to create designs that spark that nostalgic feeling!

My passion for history started as a child when my mother would read historical fiction books out loud around the dinner table every night. My younger brother and I would listen intently as my mother immersed us in the world of the Gold Rush or the Great Depression, which then led me as a young adult to love Historical fiction from all eras. Combining my love of story telling and history, I set out to become a History teacher.

I also credit my passion for art to my mother, who with her strong background in Merchandising and art, made many of our homeschool lessons based on creativity. From making Ancient Egyptian paper mache funerary masks, to making 3 dimensional presentations on Ancient Greece, my educational experience was one of fun and thinking outside the box. This early instilled confidence and curiosity allowed me to feel capable of starting my own artwork company.

The goal with Extremely Retro is to create artwork that makes my customers go "I had that as a kid!" or "My mother has those very dishes, and still uses them everyday!" Nostalgia is a wonderful feeling and I hope that my products bring this emotion to you. If you have any items from your past that create that nostalgic feeling, let me know! You might not be the only one and we can create some fun new products.