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WWI British Sopwith Camel Vintage Airplane Sticker

WWI British Sopwith Camel Vintage Airplane Sticker

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Do you love military history? Well then you will love our World War I inspired stickers! This sticker is based on a WWI British Sopwith Camel Aircraft. These durable stickers are great for the outdoors or indoors, they are fun, flexible, and vibrant. A great addition to any laptop, water bottle, or camper! If you are a history lover or a reenactor, these stickers are for you!

💪🏼 Durability: Stickers are weatherproof and able to withstand exposure to wind, rain and sunlight. They are resistant to fading, scratching, tearing, and water; and are even dishwasher safe! Made with high quality vinyl and adhesive, so your stickers stay strong and stay put!

📎 Size: 1.61in x 3in

🖋 Design: High quality matte sticker with a die cut design on high quality vinyl

📍 Production: Designed and produced in the USA, created with Apple Procreate on Ipad Pro 2020. Graphic design focuses on a bright, colorful and timeless retro/vintage style. 

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